Whether you’re brand new to QuickBooks or you use it already, there’s always more to learn to ensure you’re maximising the resources you have available to you. With this blog we are sharing our top 3 QuickBooks Basics.

1. Connecting and reconnecting the bank

When you log into QuickBooks for the first time and select the banking tab, it will display a page asking you to ‘connect account’.

All you have to do is follow the steps on screen and enter your bank information to set this up. Please ensure you have your online banking details to hand.

When you have had a connection that has now expired (they have to be renewed very 90 days), you need to firstly ensure you know the date the bank stopped importing.

Secondly, at the top right of the screen in the banking tab there are steps to follow to relink this account.

If this does not work, go into your account details in the banking screen and tick the box ‘disconnect this account on save’. You then need to link the account again as if it was new, ensuring the date you select to import from is the day after the previous link stopped importing.

2. Matching one payment to multiple invoices

Sometimes you’ll receive payments from customers that are for multiple invoices. You can still match these through the bank like you would with a single invoice payment.

In the banking screen, click into the transaction and click ‘find match’ from the options.

This will bring up a list of invoices that are all outstanding. Tick (in the box on the left) each invoice the payment relates to and once the amount paid has been matched to 0, you can select ‘save’ from the bottom of the screen.

3. Seeing customer’s outstanding balances

You may want to view a report that shows you the total open invoices you have with your customers, and how much is owed by who.

To do this, select the reports tab on the left-hand menu in QuickBooks. Once in the reports screen, scroll down to the ‘who owes you’ section and select the report ‘Customer balance Summary’. This will show you a summary of the balance outstanding from each customer.

Need more than 3 QuickBooks Basics?

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