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There are over 5 million small businesses in the UK and only a fraction of those use Management Accounts. Sometimes they don’t think they have to, or that they’re too small, or are simply put off by the complexity of the task. But Management Accounts are invaluable to your strategic planning.

They’re your business’s early warning systems.

They tell us what’s really going on giving you and us time to make plans to alter, adjust, regroup and reflect to make sure we are doing the right thing at the right time.

We are commissioned by many of our clients to prepare their monthly or quarterly Management Accounts; and each business has a different question they want to answer so the accounts are created to reflect this as much as we can.

How can we even out our cashflow? Can we afford to staff up to cover the summer break or Christmas peak, and when should we do it? Why do we have more orders than ever before, it feels like we are spending more, is our profit margin reducing, how can I even this out?

We approach every commission by asking “What question do you want to answer?”

Why Pi?

Understanding your profit and loss statements should be as accessible and simple as possible.

It’s your bottom line, after all…

At Pi, we’re approachable, and refreshingly jargon-free. We’re formal when we need to be formal, such as with your shareholders, or HMRC. With everyone else, we’re just normal. We try to use clear, straightforward language, because accountancy is complex enough.

Got a query about Management Accounts?

Get in touch with us on our contact us pages if you’d like to find out more about our Management Account services. We understand that every situation is distinct, and by initiating this contact, you take the first step towards a more informed, effective, and successful journey.

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