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From IT specialists to landscape gardeners, more of us are self-employed than ever before. Taking the plunge and starting a business is exciting – but it can feel daunting, especially without any support.

It’s more than just crunching numbers; it’s about having a dedicated partner who can handle tasks like filing Self-assessment Returns and VAT returns

Having an expert on board that you can trust to file your Self-assessment Return accurately reflecting the ins and outs of the business or helping you to file your VAT returns and act as a practical sounding board for your business, discussing your ideas and plans for its future development is what makes us a little different to your average accountant. We’ll support you through those early months, and help you with the bigger choices, such as whether to become a Limited company, or begin a partnership, when the time comes.

Why Pi?

Not many people enjoy doing their tax returns

If they did, they’d probably be joining us as an accountant. We, on the other hand, love drawing all the information together to file it accurately and on time. What we enjoy even more, is studying those numbers to help take your small business to the next level.

We’re not the kind of accountants you only hear from once a year when it’s time to file your tax return. We are happy to have meetings with our clients to review the past performance and measure it against any future forecasts.

We can help you plan more tax-efficiently, so you can keep more of your money to open up new opportunities for you and your business.

Need help with your tax planning?

Get in touch with us by using our contact us pages if you’d like to find out about if you’d like to find out about any of our services. We understand that every situation is distinct, and by initiating this contact, you take the first step towards a more informed, effective, and successful journey.

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