Switching accountants is as easy as Pi!

At Pi, we have developed a streamlined system to help you switch as stress-free as possible. Businesses tend to stick with their current accountant because they do not realise how easy it is to switch. At Pi, we recognise you need proactive advice to help your business achieve your goals.

Signs it is time to switch accountants

Unexpected bills? Do you know what you’re paying for?

At Pi we provide you with a breakdown of what services your fees cover. The right accountant will give you good value for your money and not leave you feeling out of pocket.

Your accountant uses words to baffle you?

At Pi it’s our job to make your accounts simple. We will not use jargon when we talk to you.

Has your business outgrown their skill set?

Has your business has just experienced rapid growth or would you like more assistance to help you grow which their skill set is unable to cater for

You have received poor advice from your accountant

Advice received has resulted in issues with HMRC or additional taxes paid where a saving could have been made

Your accountant charges you every time you want advice

Your accountant is happy to advise on an ad-hoc basis but then sends an unanticipated invoice for the extra work

Who We Help

Sole Traders


Limited Companies

Trust Pi Accountancy with your Statutory Accounts

You can be reassured that, when it comes to this part of accountancy, we are ‘boring accountants’! We love numbers and we enjoy getting your accounts 100% correct. But most of all, we enjoy what those numbers can reveal about your business.

The good news is, the sooner you file your Statutory Accounts or your VAT returns, the sooner we can review these numbers and we can use that information to help plan your future.

Why Pi?

We’ll make your new business feel bigger already

All new business owners lie awake at night asking themselves those fundamental questions. How’s my business really doing? Can I increase my prices? How can I reduce costs?

As we prepare your accounts and tax returns, we’re asking those same questions as you are. And using the insights and information behind your numbers, we begin to answer those questions and plan the future. We specialise in getting at the back story of your business, through your numbers.

We want your business to succeed and grow as much as you do.

Planning to start a business?

Get in touch with us by using our contact us pages if you’d like to find out about if you’d like to find out about any of our services. We understand that every situation is distinct, and by initiating this contact, you take the first step towards a more informed, effective, and successful journey.

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