The Payroll Year will End on the 5th of April 2023

This year’s Payroll Year will end on the 5h of April 2023 and we’re here to help you get prepared for the next Payroll Year, with the dates you need to be aware of and tips to help you get ready.

The Dates

By working to these dates and using them as deadlines, you should have all your necessary paperwork and information in order and ready for when the new Payroll Year starts.

  • Payroll must be submitted by the 5th of April
  • Payment must be made by the 19th of April
  • CIS must be submitted and paid by the 19th of April
  • P11D Benefits for 2022/23 must be submitted by the 6th of July
  • P11D Benefits payment is due by the 19th of July
  • P32 Payment must be recorded to HMRC by the 19th of April
  • P60s must be ready by the 31st of May

Tips to help you prepare

By following these tips, you should be prepared and well informed for going into the new Payroll Year.

  • Check when your current payroll ends
  • Summarise employee pay and deductions for the current year (P60s)
  • Confirm that new starters and/or leavers have been processed
  • Process and submit your final Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Submission
  • Clarify any changes with the PX9 HMRC Document, implement any required changes as documented and start your new payroll year
  • Consider who amongst your employees may have postponed National Insurance as this and other factors could affect their tax codes

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